At Florida Asphalt & Concrete, safety on the job has always been at the forefront of daily operations. This has been achieved through  partnership with insurance carriers and safety organizations. This collaboration has created the programs and procedures that makes us a safety leader in civil and utility construction.


Our primary safety goal is to ensure an injury-free and safe work environment for our employees, subcontractors and the general public. We have accomplished this by meeting or exceeding government rules and regulations for their industry.

New Hires– Each newly hired individual receives an orientation which includes information on safety policies, hard hats and safety vest.

Auditing– Safety audits are routinely performed to insure compliance with safety objectives. Awards are given to the safest operating crews and individuals. If there are any issues, they are noted and corrected.

Report & Evaluate– What if something happens on the job? The Safety Department will insure the health & safety of the individual, then will carry out proper reporting and follow up. An investigation of incidents helps FAC take corrective steps.

Applicant Screening– In partnership with the Human Resources Department, FAC screens all applicants to insure each person is qualified and capable for work. FAC is a drug-free workplace.

Training– Crew Safety Training takes place in the classroom and in the field. Weekly safety meetings and on-going safety classes are given as needed.

Adapt & Improve– As new or better safety procedures are discovered, FAC will use them to constantly improve its program and safety record. It is our desire to stay on the cutting edge of construction safety.