Who We Are


Florida Asphalt & Cement (FAC) was founded in June 2018. The start of FAC was inspired by the tremendous demand for asphalt contracting throughout Central Florida. Florida Asphalt & Cement’s leadership team is comprised of asphalt and commercial land development industry leaders.

Chris LaFace is an awarded utility construction and site development leader serving 15+ years. Mr. LaFace started his career as a Project Manager and progressed into his role as President & CEO of RIPA & Associates, in addition to Florida Asphalt & Cement in 2018. Mr. LaFace has a diverse range of project size experience ranging from $100K to upward of $20 million.

John Bramonte, Vice President of Florida Asphalt & Cement has 23+ years of experience managing and supervising all facets of asphalt and paving for projects ranging in value up to $3 million dollars in contract size. Mr. Bramonte has a successful track record of delivering projects on time and on budget while maintaining a rigorous schedule. Email: jbramonte@floridaasphalt.com

David Barrie is responsible for Quality Control on all job sites. Mr. Barrie has 35+ years of experience in asphalt paving. He started his career as a Laborer  on a road crew and advanced to overseeing Quality Control and Production for companies producing over one million tons of asphalt annually. Throughout Mr. Barrie’s career he has had the honor of participating in the annual conference for National Center for Asphalt Technology where he has been able to share his knowledge with engineers from around the world. Email: dbarrie@floridaasphalt.com

Mike Kane takes the lead in Business Development for Florida Asphalt & Cement. Drawing upon his 25+ years of experience, Mr. Kane is able to rely on the contacts that he has made over the years to continue growing the awareness of Florida Asphalt & Cement throughout Central Florida. Email: mkane@floridaasphalt.com


Florida Asphalt & Cement has developed a leadership team that is equipped to lead the path of sustainable growth for the team through the use of workplace efficiency, and innovative logistics.


Weekly production meetings, safety talks and open communications have fostered company-wide cohesion as Florida Asphalt & Cement moves forward on every project. Each employee is urged to take ownership of the tasks they are responsible for and encouraged to offer suggestions on how to improve our job performance.