Florida Asphalt & Concrete (FAC) offers high quality paving and concrete solutions. As an asphalt paving and concrete contractor, FAC provides new construction asphalt paving, resurfacing, milling, crews that specialize in structural concrete walls, and turn key subdivision close outs. Our fleet includes 5 power curber machines specializing in curb work, sidewalks, and slip barrier walls. FAC is also equipped with trench curb crews that are able to perform a variety of molds, and demolition crews for removal of existing concrete.

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The production of quality surface for roadways, intersections, residential subdivisions, and commercial parking lots in compliance with county specifications.


Civil and utility concrete solutions equipped to provide structural crews for FDOT cantilever walls, gravity walls, end walls, grade separated barrier walls, county inlet throat and tops in addition to a variety of concrete structures.


Existing paved areas such as a roadway, driveway, or intersection are removed and milled with a new foundation for a level and smooth surface.